Living Roots covers an impressive array of tours focusing on what was once the undivided Bengal, now split into West Bengal in India, and the whole of Bangladesh. Nowhere else are the natural and cultural diversities more strikingly represented as in this region. It stretches above the sea level to the snow capped altitude while being home to varied ethnic branches ranging from the Proto-Austral to Bhot-Mongoloid, or the Dravidian to the Semetic, following their distinctive styles and mode of living. Understanding this fertile zone unearths the daily life steeped in generations of abiding customs, rituals, beliefs and craftsmanship, which is reflected in the variety of folklores, music and dance, weaving, painting, wood carving and pottery, religious practices and festivals, food habits and the art of cooking. With Living roots, in each hundred miles of your travel route in the land of Bay of Bengal you will be astonished to find how the shades of colours rapidly change around you - in the places and on the faces.

A Tale of Two Cities
Tea with Buddha
Behind the Mask
Mansions and Mangroves

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