Fair trade in tourism is not a mere business strategy for us, rather we recognise our obligation to operate in a responsible and sustainable manner. Living Roots views this not only as an environmental issue but an economic and social one as well. We ensure the fair share of the tourism receipt to the host community, whose native places, experiences, knowledge and living heritage we are using as our tourism products, by putting revenue directly to them. We insist on using, wherever possible, maximum number of locally owned accommodation and transportation and grooming local guides, and on buying the goods for the guests within 25 kms radius of the location. We do oppose any sort of commissioned shopping, and encourage the guests to buy their souvenirs from the smaller outlets, if not directly from the artisans. We are against monopolies over a remote destination, and we do encourage the host community to be an active participant in tourism practices, and support them to get the direct link with the global market.

We firmly oppose any type of unethical tourism practices like sex tourism and/or any other form of malpractices with the people in need, and provide our guests with guidelines on how to minimise the impact while travelling, and insist on paying respect to the indigenous culture of a certain place when visited.

We do believe; until the host community becomes a stakeholder in a tourism process and unless a tourist - tour operator - host community partnership established, no development in true sense can be achieved. We need to have your aware and active partaking towards a more meaningful tourism, which makes a better sense on the receiving end. Before you finalise your next tour, check how much it is beneficial to the destination and its native people. Be a better traveler. Travel for a better tomorrow.

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